Nasha The First Dog Cover





In this sequel to Nasha: The First Dog, the Wolf Clan is attacked by the Lion People,a warlike clan that mysteriously returns after a disappearance of many years. Lartha, the priestess of the clan, foretells their coming “when a dragon eats the sun.” A solar eclipse occurs, and not long after, the Lion People attack the village while the hunters are away. The only way to rescue the captives from a seemingly impregnable stronghold is a risky plan with little chance of success.

Lion People continues the story of our ancestors during the period of “The Great Leap Forward,” when humans made significant advancements in relatively short periods of time. As readers work their way through this adventure-packed story, they will learn about:

• cooperative hunting
• the use of boats
• making olives less bitter by soaking in water
• the development of musical instruments
• using fire for tool making
• eating utensils
• the origin of the dragon myth
• ancient beliefs about a solar eclipse
• cave paintings
• megafauna
• ancient burial traditions

A new character introduced in Lion People is Vica, a brave and capable deaf woman who is willing to sacrifice her life for her daughters. She, along with Checo, the blind poet, show that disabled humans were as much a part of the human story long ago as they are today.

Despite the aggression that is at the heart of this story, the people of the Wolf Clan and most of the other tribes are peaceful. Their ability to get along with one another will surprise young readers who might be unaware of the importance of cooperation and how this trait helped our ancestors establish the foundations on which later civilizations were built.