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About Michael Milone

The Interesting Stuff

Some people think Michael Milone has a wonderful life, and he agrees with them. He lives in a beautiful part of New Mexico with his wife, Sheri, two dogs, and lots of cats. They have a xeriscape garden that is mostly native plants and requires little water. Birds and desert animals enjoy their garden, and among their visitors is a bobcat family. Because he works at home, Dr. Milone gets to see his garden and the visiting animals many times during the day.

Dr. Milone gets up very early every day so he can swim, bike, run, or work out at the gym. He has completed more than 30 marathons, including Boston, plus two Ironman races and hundreds of other races. In the winter, he goes skiing or snowboarding when he can. One of his favorite events is the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon (, which lets him combine biking, running, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. The course is more than 40 miles long and goes up and down a mountain that is 11,301 feet high.

Among his odd hobbies are juggling, woodworking, and fly fishing. He ties his own flies, and if he manages to catch a fish, he releases it. He enjoys golf, tennis, and surfing, although he confesses that he simply doesn’t have enough time to do justice to these pastimes. He loves to cook food that is tasty, healthy, and simple to prepare. And, like his characters, he is a stone stacker. If you are ever running in the mountains of New Mexico and come upon some stacked stones, he might be the responsible party. Oh, and there’s one more thing: Dr. Milone was hit by lightning and lived to tell about it.

The Boring Stuff

Dr. Milone is a nationally recognized assessment specialist and award-winning educational writer. He earned a Ph.D. in 1978 from The Ohio State University and has served in an adjunct capacity at Ohio State, The University of Arizona, Gallaudet University, and New Mexico State University. He has taught in regular and special education programs at all levels, holds a Master of Arts degree from Gallaudet University, and is fluent in American Sign Language. He served on the board of directors of the Association of Educational Publishers and was a member of the Literacy Assessment Committee and a past chair of the Technology and Literacy Committee of the International Reading Association. He has contributed to both and Technology & Learning magazine on a regular basis. He currently serves on the Research Advisory Board of Renaissance Learning and the Education Advisory Team of Bluenose Edutainment. Dr. Milone has been associated with ATP/Arena Press since 1980.

This picture of Michael Milone and some of his cycling buddies was taken on the Italian island of Lipari, which is a little north of Sicily. From left to right are: John, Michael Milone, Karl, Bart King, Lori, and Chuck. Bart King is a writer too. His stuff is hilarious: